The 1st International Conference of European Academy for Molecular Hydrogen Research in Biomedicine

When: October 17th – 20th, 2022

Where: Smolenice, Slovak Republic

1st International Conference of European Academy for Molecular Hydrogen Research in Biomedicine conference report


The 1st Conference of the European Academy for Molecular Hydrogen Research in Biomedicine was held on October 17 – 20 at the Congress Center of Slovak Academy of Sciences in Smolenice Castle, Slovakia. The meeting was organized by European Academy for Molecular Hydrogen Research in Biomedicine and Institute for Heart Research of Centre of Experimental Medicine, Slovak Academy of Sciences in cooperation with International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences, International Society for Adaptive Medicine, Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, and other institutions in Slovakia.

The theme of the meeting was „Hydrogen in Biomedicine “. The aim of this scientific meeting was to bring together the top scientists, research fellows and trainees from all over the world to participate in this scientific forum. During the entire 4 days, 90 participants from 15 countries around the world took part, including Canada, USA, East Jerusalem, Slovakia, Czechia, China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Republic of Serbia, Republic of Korea, and India.
The conference featured a total of 42 lectures divided into 10 scientific sessions and 15 poster presentations. An online session with 11 lectures was also an important part of the scientific program. All these presentations were focused on the pluripotent effect of molecular hydrogen on health, cardio protection, cardiometabolic diseases, oxidative stress, molecular genetics, prevention, regeneration, heart failure, nutrition, ageing, COVID-19 treatment, applied aspects in cardiovascular health care delivery and many other biological effects. The entire course of the conference was broadcast live on the website of co-organizer Intercedu. There is a lot of interest in the video recording from the conference even till now. The combination of excellent speakers, thematic symposia, and the meeting place itself offered a great scientific program and a pleasant atmosphere. Despite the tight scientific schedule, there was enough space for fruitful and stimulating discussions.
As can be seen from the numerous letters and statements of the participants, the conference was considered the best conference in the last decade, both from a scientific and social points of view.

The European Academy for Molecular Hydrogen research in Biomedicine was established in August 2021 with the main goal of connecting and establishing collaborations between scientists engaged in molecular hydrogen research in Europe. The Academy will also support for research and development projects in the field of healthcare, monitoring and ensuring the correct interpretation of molecular hydrogen research, or organization of seminars, symposia, conferences, and congresses. Oxidative stress, which arises because of dyshomeostasis between reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the antioxidant system, has recently been shown to be the common denominator of most cardiovascular diseases. Molecular hydrogen (H2), due to its unique physical and chemical properties, provides a number of benefits for alleviating oxidative stress. H2 may be superior to conventional antioxidants because it can selectively reduce ●OH radicals while preserving important ROS that are otherwise used for normal cell signaling.

The following awards were given at the conference:

PIONEER of H2 research
– Shigeo Ohta

– Xuejun Sun
– Shucun Qin
– Mami Noda
– Kyu-Jae Lee
– Qianjun He,

– Jiankang Liu
– Jiangang Long
– Lin Zhao
– Wenbiao Shen
– Yumei Ma
– Tyler LeBaron

– Michail Artamonov
– Guohua Song
– Keliang Xie

– Naranjan S.Dhalla (IACS)
– Pawan K. Singal (ISAM)
– Abu Kishek (Al Quds University)
– Stefan Kassay (Intercedu a.s.)