The European Academy for Molecular Hydrogen Research in Biomedicine is a non-profit organization that will provide the following services of general interest:
  1. research, development, scientific and technical services and information services – support for research and development projects in the field of health – organization and support of research into the molecular mechanisms of molecular hydrogen – improving the quality of life of patients by implementing the pluripotent action of molecular hydrogen in the prevention and treatment of diseases of civilization – developing contacts with professional organizations and activities in Europe, controlling and ensuring the correct interpretation of molecular hydrogen research, prevention and treatment and supporting the fight against inappropriate commercial and unprofessional practices
  2. education, training and development of physical culture – acquainting the population with the risk factors for the development of diseases of civilization, including heart and vascular diseases, as well as with the effects and mechanisms of action of molecular hydrogen – organizing educational campaigns on the use of molecular hydrogen and supporting the dissemination of new knowledge – support for the training of doctors and nurses in the undergraduate and postgraduate period in the field of diseases of civilization and the effects of molecular hydrogen – organization of professional and instructional events, support of interdisciplinary cooperation in cardiovascular and other issues, organization of seminars, symposia, conferences and congresses

 Charter of the non-profit organization
European Academy for Molecular Hydrogen Research in Biomedicine

Constitution a non-profit organization
European Academy of Molecular Hydrogen Research in Biomedicine